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I was at the old Shelter, speaking with the former DJ Richard Vasquez (The Choice). We were trying to have a conversation as we sat atop and in front of some speakers, and I asked him what he thought was the best sound system in a club he has heard since the Garage. He thought I was asking the tired question, "What was the best club he's been in since the Garage?" No, no... we all know there will never be another Garage. I was speaking about the sound system. Heh, speakers can be made and moved around. It's not like the technology doesn't exist.

Vasquez related that the person who designed the sound system, the late Richard Long, was a technical genius and of course extremely dedicated to what he was doing.

Like so many others involved with the Garage, each person had their area of expertise (music, lights, sound, decoration, networking, business) and collectively they came together to create . - and boy what a creation - that legendary place. Many are in a higher place now, and sorely missed ...

But let others better versed than I tell you.


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