A Club that the World lost!
The Paradise Garage
New York City.

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After 11 years, as the best disco in town, the Paradise Garage will throw its final party on the September 26th, 1987.

Owner Michael Brody says the club at 84 King Street, New York will close because protests from the Soho community kept his lease from being renewed. "They don't want a black club in their neighborhood," says Brody

But the relationship between the members-only club and its patrons was an unusually peaceful one. People didn't come to network or get laid. Booze wasn't sold, drug use was discrete; the Paradise Garagewas a place to dance. From midnight until 10 a.m. every Friday and Saturday you could shake your butt and not get harrassed by chemically-altered assholes. To the Blacks, Latins, and Gays, who went there each weekend, the Garage was more than sanctuary. It was church.

Known internationally as the home of "Garage music" (a crucial influence on Chicago's house scene), the Garage was also night school. This 2000-capacity no-frills space was where I first heard fierce disco classics like "Doctor Love", "Love Sensation," and "Weekend," and my musical sensibility has never been the same.

Armed with the city's highest tech sound system and a taste for hard-driving cult jams, DJ Larry Levan made the club's diverse crowd react like one hysterical mass. Last Saturday night when he momentarily turned off the sound during First Choice's ever-contemporary "Let No Man Put Asunder," his followers sang out,"It's not over between you and me."

Although the Paradise Garage party soon will be over, its dance floor dedication to sweat will persist, even if many see the closing as an era's end. As for the September 25 and 26 festivities (staring Gwen Guthrie and others), you should find a friend to spend the final weekend - Barry Walters.

Alex Mitsuda, a fomer devotee of the club gives us this impression of the club when it was in full swing!

"There was nothing like it. I was a member for 4-5 years. The feeling it gave you was one of complete and utter freedom and energy. Years later, a club in NY called the Shelter attempted to recreate the Garage atmosphere but failed. If you'd like to know other details about the original Garage, please let me know. I'm feeling quite nostalgic right now just writing down these things. It was a great time to be alive and dancing".

If you would like to get back to Alex, and ask him a few more details about what made theParadise Garage such an inspirational force for many. Then why don't you drop him a line! However, on this Web site, keep your eyes peeled for any future relevations about news on Djs such as Walter Gibbons and Shep Pettibone! from that same area of time.

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