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Why the name Garage?
As a former member and patron of The Paradise Garage (1976-1987), the legendary dance club of Music, Light, and Love, I am paying tribute to where I was schooled on music and learned to aspire towards greatness. Larry Levan, the DJ, mix-master, music producer, and spiritual guru of the Garage, made it the beacon and birthplace of house.

As we begin the millennium, we help chart the direction of the universal energy. We are undergoing what seems to be troubling uncertainty, but I believe through light, love, faith, and music we are on our way home to a greater future. I feel the greatest issue is our destruction of our environment. Therefore, I champion the use of bikes over automobiles wherever possible. As powerfully shown in the Michael Jackson "Earth Song" video, we have much to do to repair mother earth.

My name is Richard. I am 6ft 175#. I'm athletic, energetic. Musically I enjoy R&B;, house, soul, funk, gospel, Rap, Hip Hop, blues, jazz, disco.

I am adventurous, I like to work out, dance, cycle, read, write, create on computers, travel, roller coasters, working out, adventure, mischief, hiking, chilin'. I am down to earth and humorous.

I was born and raised in California but have lived in Manhattan, NYC, since I graduated from High School. I enjoy outgoing, sensual, interesting, positive think'n folk.

I am a Macintosh enthusiast, believing the energy and thinking that went into creation of the Mac encourages a revolutionary spirit, providing the tools of empowerment over big business, government control, and enforced mediocrity.


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