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Date posted: Jan 13th, 2002

from: Walter McFarland

I remember my experience at the garage like it was yesterday. I was on spring break from college (Morehouse) in 1985. My friend Kirk who was originally from NYC but grew up in Philly had just moved back to New York and had been telling me all year about this "live" club that plays the kind of music I like. He kept telling me that I needed to come visit him so we could hang out at these clubs that stay open all night. Being from Chicago the "House Nation" capital, I was a little skeptical about how good the music was seeing as how I grew up listening to such DJ's as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Tony and Andre Hatchett, Wayne Williams, Farley(Jackmaster Funk) Keith, Steve "Silk" Hurley, Jessie Saunders, and many of the other of the House music originators. I thought that NYC only played rap music in their clubs for the most part because that's what all the New York people I went to school with played all the time.

Anyway I finally took up my friend on his offer, and while all my other friends where going home to Chicago over spring break or to Florida, I went to New York. I was getting a little pissed at Kirk for making me walk everywhere and kept asking him when we were going to this club. He told me that it did not open till midnight and I got even more pissed because it was cold in New York at this time.

Finally at midnight we went to this club, "The Paradise Garage". It was like nothing I had ever seen. I quickly forgot about all the walking in the cold New York weather. It was probably the largest club I had ever been to in my life and the sound system was awesome. The music was "The Bomb" and I soon discovered that what we called "Deep House" in Chicago was the same as the New York club music. The experience was quite overwhelming.

I had never heard so many cuts from "back in the day" than I had heard that night. I asked Kirk who this DJ was and he told me Larry Levan. The crowd cheered him on as if he were a rock star similarly to how we treat Frankie Knuckles in Chicago. I even remember some of the cuts he played such as Love Break, Hit and Run, You're Just the Right Size, and Love is the Message.

And as if that weren't enough at around 2 or 3 in the morning, Jocelyn Brown came out and performed "Caught up in a one night love affair","Somebody elses Guy", and a few other classic club cuts. It was incredible. I danced so much that night that my feet where killing me and I could barely walk when we left the club at 10:00 am the next morning and people were still in there partying. That night was one the best experiences in my life, and I've had a lot of good times, but that night at the Paradise Garage was one of the best.

Thanks, Kirk.

Date posted: Jan 13th, 2002

from: Ms. Wanda Email:

What If?

  • The Garage today would have been called Paradise@the :-)
  • It's web page would be alive right now with news, stories and saga's, better than╩ (Queer as folk)!
  • Their would be people reading each other and other folks loving each other all at the same time.
  • Gossip would fly of the hook and it would be delicious!!!!╩
  • You╩would chat all day and fly to the club looking for that special someone for a little special something!

Ohhhhhh Paradise@the today would be the Mecca of Music and Entertainment. People from around the world would make their journey, their trek, just to marvel in the spectacle of it all and never really get╩it!!! ╩ It would be the only drug,╩ the best and healthiest addiction in the world. Everyone would beg for it.

What a commodity!!!

Date posted: Jan 13th, 2002

from: Danton M. Sealy Email:

╩ I live in Atlanta now and I am 44 years old.╩ I first went to the "Big G," as we called it in 1979.╩ I remember the first night I was there,╩I had danced all night and was trying to go home.╩ Larry stopped the music,╩ to clear out the club, and then he threw on Double Cross by First Choice--I could not leave!!!╩╩ Me and anyone who was still there came running back to the dance floor.

╩ I remember Larry mixing "Spank" by Jimmy Bo Horne with "Get Up and Do Your Thing" it was the first time I ever heard something like that in dance club.╩ ╩ I remember Larry's Garage anthem Love is the Message and then One Two Three Cuatro: LET ME TELL YOU,╩LET ME TELL WHAT YOU DO, WHAT YOU DO TO ME. YOU MAKE ME WHOOO WHEEE, FILL ME WITH YOUR SENSATION, I WANNA SAY YES!!! TO YOUR LOVE SENSATION.╩Loletta Holloway -- Larry would dub "HEY YOU" DON'T TOUCH THAT.╩ WHAT'S THIS?╩ ITS THE HEAVY, HEAVY, MONSTER SOUND over all that it sounded incredible. You could feel the pump in your chest. ╩

There are so many memories:╩╩"I'm╩A Free╩Man,"South Shore Commission, Sylvester's "I Need You," Ashford and Simpson "Found A Cure,"╩ Two Tons of Fun's "I Got the Feeling" Chaka Khan's "Clouds" mentioned by so many others, Queens' "Another One Bites the Dust",╩ D-Train╩"Keep On" FunkMasters, "No Money, No Love" Machine, "There but for the Grace of God", "Put Your Body In It" by Stephanie Mills.╩ "Shake it Up" (Do the Bogaloo) by Rod, ChiLites, "My First Mistake" "Hooked on Your Love" by the Fantastic Aleems, ESG "Moody" or "Mainline" by Black Ivory.╩

Just thinking about those songs sends chills up my spine.╩ Gonna find a friend, a friend to spend the "Weekend," by Phreek, "Release the Tension" by Colonel Abrams. "Is It All Over My Face" by Loose Joints "Street Player" by Chicago, Gayle Adams "Your Love Is A Life Saver" Salsoul Orchestra, "212 North Street" "City, Country, City" by War the list goes on and on... ╩

╩ I have been to the Shelter [Editor Note: Shelter is now open, again at W39th st between 5th and 6th Avenues], where Timmy Regisford keeps the Garage spirit alive; but there will never be another club like the Paradise Garage.╩ Long live the "Big G." ╩
╩ Danton from the Boogie Down Bronx

Date posted: Jan 13th, 2002

from: Sheryl Perkins Email:

I remember standing in line for 3 hours to get my Garage membership, and it was worth it. I paid $50, and back then that was no chump change!

How I discovered the Garage..........I went to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, in 1979, and I met this sistah from Brooklyn, who told me about the Garage. She had a friend who had a membership, and we would go with her, and sometimes we would just go and ask people standing in line if they had a memership and if we could go in with them (sometimes we paid the person with the membership.....and it was worth it!) We party until 8 am, have breakfest and then I would take the train back to NJ. I tell you back in the day, that was the best partying ever!!!!!!!!!!!

I now live in Silver Spring, Maryland, and a friend has turned me on to the Sanctury in DC. This where I go for my underground house music experience. DJ Pope, Oji, and Sand Man Burns, are the brothers it the underground struggle and are keeping house music alive!

Peace & Love to all brothers & sisters who love house music!

Date posted, Nov 25th, 2001

from wendy; email:

I am 37 now and remember it like it was yesterday, now that was living! That was my world at that time. ROLLIN till dawn and then ROLLIN some more and then ROLLIN in the door and then some more. Usually with all the new friends you felt like you knew your entire life, you had just met that evening. DANCING until sweat soaked my hair and my clothes, and whatever rements of makeup were left on my face could be rearranged in any sort of matter, and I could not have cared less, nor could anyone else. But always took hours beforehand getting my look just so.

I was part of that "something special", that was the GARAGE, it was a lifestyle, a whole existence and community of it's own, should I dare compare it to a religion? Well I won't go that far. At least that is what I told MOST of the guys that HIT ON ME, WHICH MADE ME SELF CONFIDENCE SOAR. For my friends and myself we were the stars, or at least we thought we were! and wherever you loOked you saw familiar faces. Kind of like cheers, you know a place where everyone knows your name.

WEEKENDS< WEEKENDS< WEEKNDS!!!!!! Live for those weekends!!!!!! I relive them pretty often, and wish there was still that special place, we all could go to feel we are part of something EXTRODINARY. Well my life now, is pretty good and I can't complain, you got to love life and everyone in it, and cherish every moment your alive, but nothing compares to the GOOD TIMES at the GARAGE, IT TRULY WAS PARADISE!!!!!

Date posted, Nov 25th, 2001

from Michael A. Scott, email:

 I was workin' @ Sleeping Bag and writing for DMR back in the day ... Larry and I hit it off like crazy ... same birthday ... always had that great delicious smile ... Sent more time in booth than on the dance floor.

Good memory is getting 3/4 of "Band Aid" vid ... Larry played it and played it and played it all night long.

One night Donald Fagan was hanging ... he yelled at me for not introducing the Fagan to him. Went to VIP room and bought him a Fagan.

Made that glimmer in eye glow glorious.

Will never forget the memorial service @ that beautiful church ...

Larry's with the angels now ...

Date posted, November 25, 2001

from Delmar Browne

The lights are dim and everyone from all over is still looking for the ultimate place to party. ╩Disco has come and gone. ╩Being reconstructed through samples to brighten the darkest of clouds of joy, let's now talk about "The Paradise Garage." ╩Upon my initial entrance up the ramp to see Frankie "Double Dutch Bus" Smith (Give me a ho) in 1981, until its closing on a September night in 1987 were defining moments.

Larry Levan was truly legendary with an art that many try to emulate, not duplicate. The sound system was state of the art at the time of its inception. From the confetti, fog, fruit, dancers, lights, movies, punch and the passion for the love to dance made nights at the Paradise Garage spectacular. ╩╩

My past remembrances addressed previously would best describe some of my highlights from experiences at the Paradise Garage to which I'll never forget. ╩╩

Please check my website Delmar Browne to get a taste of the tropics; Passionately quenching your thirst with drop from my music.

Date posted Nov. 26th, 2001

from Tony, email:

Now My memories may be a bit foggy but ill share what I remember. I was a young aspiring Drummer living in the Bronx and would basically just knock on anyone's door if I heard drums coming from their crib. I did this once and to the door came Steven Brown, The funkiest drummer I had ever heard not on a record. Steven did not call the police (smile) he let me in. Steven (and his bro Kevin) let me hang and helped to get my funk playing together. Steven went on to be a member of the Peech Boys and Bernard Fowler (Peech Vocalist) went on to become a Rolling Stone ..... Outside of the funk/house... I most remember them talking about The Garage . I HAD TO GO! ╩╩

╩╩╩I'm not sure if he got me in at first, of I worked it out another way but, it changed my Life for good..... Outside of the Hugeness of it all ,The first thing I remember upon entering was that there was a distinct Family vibe in the room and I felt instantly like a part of it. ╩I was hooked. The point of going here and going elsewhere was soooo dramatically different, as was what you left with.

I would do the uptown China Club hang to get my music connections on, but always Kidnap someone from that Musician Zone and Transport them to Paradise .I remember one night my Transport Target was A slightly reluctant Bobby Chounard. (Drummer from Billy Squire's Band and a straight up Rock n Roller (RIP BOBBY). I remember seeing Bobby in a Feather Boa by 6 AM ...... I dragged Him TO....... AND....... From the Garage. He Asked me to go every time I saw him till he passed.

╩I remember how Magical walking up the ramp was...... The lights flashing while Larry Vibrated the Building........ Showtime! I remember getting dressed/undressed ........ Feelin the room, Finding my spot , and just starting to get busy. At Paradise you couldn't just Dance alone.... You Danced with the building. Wouldn't you love to be in shape like that again?

╩╩Hey.... Ya know how after 3 or 4 minutes of trying to describe the paradise experience, you just wind up shaking your head because you KNOW you cant explain it. (smile) Reading all the letters has helped.

╩╩╩To this day, If I see someone I didn't even Know, but we simply recognize each other from the Garage.. Its all hugs and madd love!.... Still!!.... Remember those of us who could not get enough would JAM in Washington Square on Freek Street in broad daylight and dance till they made us leave. ╩(did we eat... ever?)

╩╩YO.... I still got My Wrestling sneekz..... My Chemical Warfare Pants..... And My Party Of life Tank Top.... Wazzupp??? ╩╩(smile) I'm Still Playing Music And live a double Life as a Computer Geek (multimedia/tech) as well. And there is still a bit of Paradise in Much of what I do, Or How I do it! (if ya need me, email me)

╩╩╩Ill Sorely Miss all our Dogs that Passed and the Culture that is Paradise..... But it is obviously still in us all, as we have made it here, and most likely not by accident ╩╩:) ╩╩... I'm getting kinda teary..... I Love Yall............ I'm out!!


Yo.. Where was Keith Getting That Budd From Damn?? (smile)

(anyone making Paradise T-shirts?? ╩I need a new one!) Hit me... 

Date Posted, Oct. 21, 2001

from Brian Thomas, Email:

Greetings! I have been reading stories from various past partygoers from the late Garage. My name is Brian. I am writing you from Washington, DC, where I now have ╩lived for over 20 years. ╩ I started going to the Garage in 78'. My first party was in January of that year.╩ It blew me away I was only 17! My second party there was╩ Karen Young's "Hot Shot". Larry kept playing this instrumental song all night--one wondered why? Well at 3:00AM this women is thrown on stage and starts belting out Hot Shot. It was an incredible evening which began all the magic and surprise the Paradise Garage had to offer in those days. ╩ Those of you that go back that far know the deal? ╩ Dancing with Sterling St. Jacques╩to Workin Slavin. Weekend with╩Pat Cleveland or Disco Circus╩with Diane Von Furstenberg.╩Oh, those were the days.Would'nt it be nice to have another Paradise Garage with the same vision and excitement? !!!!! ╩ Thank you forever Michael and Larry.......and Noel! Push Push in the Bush....... Peace, Brian Thomas ╩ P.S Hello to Mario, Magic, Boyd, Shaka, the late Lauren, Merissa, Cherry, Karen G., the late Shenoia.

Date posted: August 21, 2001

from Charles McCloud, Email:

Hello to all.╩ I've visited this site a few times in the past and finanly╩decided to send my own recollections of my days at the Paradise Garage.╩ I probably startedgoing to the Garage around 1982 and continued until the closing night.╩ I remember being a little bit afarid my first time because I knew it was a gay club; and I wasn't.╩

I have always been into music though╩and somehow got up the nerve to go in.╩ Of course, it was love at first site (and sound).╩ I've always had an apprecitation for good music and a good sound system, and had been to many clubs before then, but the Garage was in a class by itself.╩╩

Funny though, I can't remember╩who actually brought╩me to the Garage for the first time.╩ My first membership card was for Friday night.╩ But I soon realized that Saturday had the better parties, eventhough it was the predominantly gay night.╩ Soon╩I was confessing to be gay inorder to get a Core memebership.╩

Around the time I started going to the Garage, I was╩getting into djing for private parties in Brooklyn and Manhattan╩and collaborated on producing parties with╩others like Cynthia Cherry, Willie Wall & Boyd Jarvis, and some other cool people you all may not know.╩ I've even had some wonderful and memorable parties in my own 6th floor apartment in Clinton Hill, where me and my roommate Myrna, and neighbor Elaine had over a hundred people pay $8 to party till the early morning.╩

╩Larry Levan had such an influence on my style of playing; as well as Timmy Regisford and Tony Humphries.╩ Anyhow, those were some really good times.╩ I met alot of people back then.╩ Many of who╩are still good friends today.╩ Others I have lost touch with.╩

╩On the closing night of the Garage I met a girl named Andrea who had never been to the club before.╩ We actually met outside while I was waiting to get in.╩ I think I must not have had a membership during that last year.╩ However, I knew enough people that I was sure I would get in.╩ Meanwhile, I had taken a little chemical enhancer to help me stay up and enjoy the night.╩╩Unfortunately, I statred to trip╩while still waiting to get in.╩ I remember feeling╩anxious, and wondering if I was going to get in.╩ At about╩3 am it was still packed outside.╩ That's when I met Andrea.╩ We started talking and she was also trying to get in.╩ I think it was my my friend╩Richie that╩took us in.╩

The place was jammed packed.╩ I had such a great time showing Andrea around the club because evrything was new for her, even though this would also be her last night ╩╩ I remember dancing on the packed floor to Give Me Your Love by Curtis Mayfield.╩ I still have about 3000 records but I don't dj anymore.╩╩Its just nice to look back and reminence some times.╩ I hope all╩you old club heads are doing alright.╩╩ I╩hope to find my collection of pictures of the closing night at the Garage to share on this site.╩

Date posted: July 29, 2001

From Mickey; Email:

I'll never forget the first time I went to the garage. ╩I'm so glad I have photographs of that experience. ╩It was in '81, I was just 20 years old - I was hooked. ╩It was every weekend after that! ╩

I met so many great people, we instantly became a little family. ╩I'm sure you guys remember Lucy - always with a custume, forget oufit, she dressed to perform. ╩She was just too fierce. ╩I believe she started everyone else (including myself) dressing as if we were about to do a show. ╩You guys remember a group of people in fur outfits or Indian oufits? ╩There was one time our little group was dressed in 2 piece gold outfits. Remember that? ╩Shanawa looked very model in that. ╩Dion & PumaLee, you ╩guys are missed (R.I.P.). ╩╩Tony, Mousey, Jackie, Negra just to name a few. ╩Wish I can go back into time. ╩A time when dancing really meant getting lost in the music. ╩Expressing yourself thru the music. ╩Doing basically anything you felt like and not worrying about if it was proper or not. ╩It was like a dream you just didn't want to wake up from. ╩

The people, Larry LaVan's magic, the memories. ╩Paradise Garage, it brings tears to my eyes that I will never have it again. ╩The Shelter comes close, and for that I'm thankful. ╩But the Garage was the best and just one of a kind. ╩It'll live in my mind & heart forever.

Date posted: July 29, 2001

From: Kevin James Dalton aka DJ STRIP; Email:

I met Larry in '86 ╩thru my friend and also great DJ and mentor DJ Mark Kamins, we would hook up with Grace Jones and her brother Chris along with a slew of german pretty boys and dance till dawn. Closing night was madness, way out of control and scary, but kinda like rollercoaster, scary you want it to stop but your sad when its over.

This was not only the end of The Garage as we called it but also the end of and era that was replaced unfortunatly with crack, aids and fear. And the worst thing that happened to the great club scene when everyone seemed to stop gathering no matter what color, religion or sexual preference. It became self segregated and the magic was gone forever.

As a pro DJ I have carried the torch of Larry and others that are no longer with us and have gotten a lot of crap from these johnny come lately house or hip hop only playing wanna bees and their followers. But will never change with the wind and keep on keepin on! See my website

Gods Love to all and for all of you who complain and wonder if it will ever be the same I say to them all, "Nothing is as good as it ever was, and that should inspire you to make the future even better"

Date posted: July 24, 2001

From: Eric Adamo; Email:

I only got to go the Garage about 10 times. I wasn't a member and every once in a while I could get on the guest list. I miss it. I still go to clubs here in San Diego, CA. Though some of them are quite good, I always compare them unfairly to the garage and the other NYC clubs I went to in the 70's-90's and always leave feeling disappointed. I know there can never be another legendary Larry Levan, but there should be better sound systems in the clubs of today. The technology exists, why doesn't somebody spend the money and put together another legendary sound system? There are only cheap imiatations. I guess there's no one with enough initiative do it. I miss the pounding bass, the crisp midrange and the sweet tweeter sound of the garage! I still always remember that guy who used to take naps in the slit of the sub-woofer.

Date posted: July 23, 2001

From; Darryl Hobson; Email:

I don't even know where to start.╩Nothing can touch the Garage.╩You could go╩there and be gay even if you weren't.╩I even took my mother there, and she was hooked. ╩ Larry played one night and he must have been in love. You could tell his moods sometimes.

There were times when he would trip, others when he'd be too funky. But, this time he was in love. He kept playing, "You Stepped Into My Life" by Melba Moore. He have you grabbing someone by the hips in ecxtasy mabey playing Change or something then cut in You Stepped into My Life. And he did it over and over all night. People want frantic. He was the only jock who could get away with that kind of thing. He'd have you so amazed that all you could do would be to stand under the booth and say, "Larrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy, don't treat me this way". ╩

I remember this jamaican guy who used to dress up in a different army outfit every week. Or this girl named Sofie. Or even╩one night Timmy Regisford was dancing with this girl and just grabbed me around the waist╩to dance with them.╩We just started to jump up and down╩like a pogo stick, all over the dance floor like for the whole record. ╩ Larry might just turn off all of the lights and let you wait for 10 minutes. Then slowly crank up╩"Conquestodors los Chocolates". ╩ Just writing about this is upsetting. I need to go in the drawer and find my wrench.

Date posted: Thursday, July 19, 2001

From; David E Brockington, III, Atlanta, GA; Email:

Many of you do not know me, but I was one of the original members of the garage when it opened in 1977. I also helped Mike Brody with some of the running of the garage such as initially setting up the membership list, and was one of the major qualifiers of membership. Do you remember the miniature monkey wrench with the members membership number etched in the side. Well, I still have mine.

These were in the days when we used to have the "construction parties" and when Friday night was primarily gay black and Saturday night was mostly gay white--when the garage was the "real garage" and it was totally underground. This was when the garage was established from the Reade Street meat house that was closed by the NYC fire dept due to inadequate fire exits. WHEW!!! THAT WAS THE REAL PARTY TIMES...!

Well, for those who were a part of this original party crowd, I am the little slim guy who was the black counter part of "David" of the Village People, which by the way happens to be my first name also. My "garage" attire used to be silver painted steel toe boots, a white hard hat with a light mounted on front which threw a powerful straight beam of light through the club when the lights went out, a "worked" pair of denim jeans with a hole in the knee, a flannel shirt with sleeves rolled up, as well as a small tool pouch hanging off of my belt, and mirror shades.

Those were the party days when I used to scamp around the club to tunes like "I love America" by Patrick Juvet, the original "Love Is The Message" and others. The club at that time was originally the one big room that was later transformed into the lounge area. The club was under "construction" with sawdust on the floor, corrugated steel walls, and the original "orgy" murals. I used to get there early (before 11:30PM) in order to give assistance in the opening of the club for the evening--includind helping Larry relocate the speakers in different acoustic locations in the room.

When the garage first opened, I was the in-house deejay for a club called "The Combination" located at 86 Street & Broadway, and I would let my alternate deejay spin for a while and leave the club around 11 PM to travel down to King Street to help open the club. I would either stay long enough to set up the membership table and take in the first few members and then return to my club. I would then return to Paradise after my club closed at 4AM. Yes, I remember PARADISE, in more ways than most of you who are still alive today. RIP to my colleagues: Larry Levan, Toraino "Tee" Scott, Larry Patterson, Walter Gibbons (who still hold a very special place in my heart) David Rodriguez, as well as a host of others whom one day we will be together in PARADISE!

I also have recollections from the days of Studio 54, Zanzibar, Club 88, The Red Parrot, Club Leviticus, Nell Gwens, as well as a host of other clubs I have either been the house deejay or have performed guest spots...

Date posted Monday, July 9, 2001

From: Carlos; Email:

Hello to all my garage buddies. A lot of 'yous' might remember me. My name is Carlos. Fortunatly i had the pleasure of working in the Garage for several years. Those were the best years of my life. I'm in the tenth anniversary picture. The garage was a very special place. I will never forget all the great times I had there, like the time Grace Jones came and Larry took her hat and her fur coat and ran through the dance floor pretending to be her. He fooled everybody. I could go on and on for days.

I was the host in the vip room so you can just imagine the things I've seen and did.(smile). I would love to hear from some of you guys especially you michael and danny. hope to hear from you soon. see you


Date Posted: Thu, 5 Jul 2001

From: Houseyou, Email:

Thanks for the love, Peace Larry & the garage will live forever

Date posted Monday, July 9, 2001

aiFrom: Flexxx NYC; Email:

Wow, the Garage was one of a kind, everything about the 80's that was Music -- I'm an old skool DJ, party-er... :) when the places to go were FunHouse (w/Jellybean), Roseland (Baby-J), Zands (Zanzibar, w/Tony, and Timmy), The Shadow, 1018 (or Roxy, or 1018 :), sometimes Bonds and the Shelter... there were more, but the baddest music and lights and dancefloor magic could only be found at the Garage on saturday night.

I fondly remember the Richard Long (the best die young :( ) "crown amp Bass" -- the wood floors that used to seem to turn to water under the heavy "ass kicker" subharmonics, a packed dancefloor, and lights that always seemed to come right from the vinyl spun by Larry... Alas, those days are gone, but the music will live forever, my favorite Larry rox were "It's not over," on the ParaMetric EQ, "Don't make me wait," in the dark, and "You don't know" on the strobes....*sigh*

I'm trying to keep the music alive, I am in the process of ripping some of my vinyl killa jamz and putting out some mix sets to pay a tribute to the original "house" music... stay cool...all my music is found on my web page -- ThirtySomething: Dance music superhighway. chris

Date posted Mon, July 9, 2001

From: Alex ; Email:

╩ I'm quite young at 30╩therefore I never got to the Paradise Garage myself, so I can't say I miss it but in some way I do. Weird, but true. Tracking down the history and the stories of the club and it's great deejay, Larry Levan, got me the deep feeling of its contribution to the clubbing culture, to a rather special culture that was unique in its way. I believe it has so much energy╩to it all that every one involved w/ music might share this feeling, knowhing the Paradise Garage history. I know those here do at least.

Somehow I feel connected to it, and I sure feel good for it although I can't put in words sometimes. ╩ I started djing╩early in my life and Levan was thankfully an influence on my musicality. Not by the music╩in specific but also in good part for his overall musical sense and taste, his attitude as a deejay and his ability to move the crowd. Since the beggining I strongly feel it's the deejay's duty to take care of everything related to the night, pretty much like Levan did. I've never paused the music to give the mirrorball a polish, for that would be him not me, but as a deejay I push myself as hard as I can to improve on building a night instead of just exploding it.

I strive to pace, tease and explore my set. To care about the lighting, the sound and the place as a whole. To be 100% honest that has closed me a few doors, in nowadays high-pitch club culture where u get in, play as hard as you can (and using the most obvoius weapons), get the fee and leave, all in the short amount of a couple of hours. But I couldn't care less, I keep going my way and I know I'm doing right. On the flip side it's brought me to some good, memorable situations, and those I credit this sense I got from knowing Levan's history. ╩

Sometimes, when arriving early for a gig or club,╩when checking the soundsystem or just hanging around╩w/ a powerfull system at hand, I put Levan's CD (Live at...) and enjoy his magic playing loud. That's far from the feeling it might have been from actually being there, but hey that's what I can get and it does for me.

To all that have seen it all happening, congrats. To all that hasn't, but share the true spirit, congrats too. Kepp the vibe alive! ╩

Date posted Wed, 6 Jun, 2001

From: Danton M Sealy; Email:

The Garage was simply the best party in the world.╩ No other club could keep me hyped without any artificial stimulants for 10-12 hours on end, by just playing the music Larry Levan had at his disposal. One of my best memories is Larry playing Chaka Khan's "I live you, I love you" with James Brown's╩ acapella dubbed over it "fellas things done got too far gone....we got to let the girls know what they got to do for us." Or seeing Two Tons O' Fun perform live, or hear his mix using Kurtis Blow's the breaks as a prelude to so many hype dance hits.╩ It was one of the best times of my life.╩ To Timmy and all the other house jocks who were at the big G, keep the dance alive!

From: Margarita Paez; Email:

Dear Garage Head, I would like to share some memories about my evenings and early mornings at the place to be to party!

  • Chaka Khan performing.
  • Two Tons of fun performing.
  • Sylvester performing and many more that I know I enjoyed!
  • Peach Boys when the group was just getting started I hope they are all well (band members). "Don't make me wait another night"
  • My favorite song Ain't no mountain high enough whenever it played if iwas not dancing at the moment I would just float there is no other way to describe it I would let the music take me away.

The music was the best Larry Levan. Thank you. Where ever you are Mr. L.L. I met many (great) people there, yet kept no ties with them after partying with them all night except for a few and my memories of them are all wonderful.

The whole place had this wonderful warm aura that no other dance hall has been able to replace maybe the Loft but not quite like the Paradise Garage. I swear if the Garage were still open I would do what I use to many times when it was around I would go and take the 1 train to Christopher at about 11:00 pm because I was young and going alone most of the time. I would gladly wait on line (I was a member for friday's )to get in because even on line the party seem to be starting. I would usually leave if alone at 11:00 am for same reason it was safer. Thank you! For the memories!

Date posted June 5, 2001

From: Akinkunmi P. Cook; Email:

As a die hard fan and lover of music inspired by the Paradise Garage i must say your web page is a site for sore eyes! Although I was able to go to the Garage only twice in my life, I was able to hear Levan play at other clubs like Studio 54 (However it was not the same!)

Right now I feel music in general (or popular music) has lost it's soul and more importantly it's creativity! The lost art of the d.j. is something I would like to bring back! I d.j. myself but find that the only place that plays the stuff I play is at "Body & Soul" on Sundays at Vinyl. I love all kinds of music and listen to techno, trance, tribal, progressive, you name it I've tried it!

I work as a music teacher at the Boys Choir of Harlem. I see are kids more and more missing so much of black culture in music. I hope this can change! Well I hope to talk to you more! I must say it is refreshing to talk to someone white who has soul!


Date posted , 2001

From:; Email:

Tripped on to your website the other day and it made me smile. I was a garagie from 82 thru to the last nite and spent many a mescaline drenched sunday morning with a silly smile on my face.. I live in South beach ,fla. which is suppose to be the new hotspot for clubs ╩and ╩party freaks , and just about every name DJ comes through this town but trust me nothing here even comes close to the glory daze of ╩PG under the direction of ╩the master Larry Levan.

╩╩╩╩╩The first time I went to the Garage was with my friend Ralph Cooper (whats up Ralphi boy) Walking ╩in getting bowin away by the the music,the people (Ric James with two freaks in the bathroom) and Larry. After that I was hooked ...For the next five years my Life basically revolved around the Garage and the village scene of the Mid--80's. I remember seeing Madonna there on a friday nite ....The german Dude george Kraanz who did Din dada everyone in the club knew that song and when he came out and performed it every one went apeshit...I remember there was this english band ╩that played one friday nite (ican't remember the name the song ╩ but larry palyed it a lot) anyway this band was awful ╩and the crowd was vicious booed em off the stage.

The Paradise garage was the Ultimate club ...The regulars knew that they werre part of something special...You either got it or you did'nt...I remember bringing frineds there for the first time and after a couple hours they were ready to leave and I'm like it's only five o'clock parties just begun baby! Anyway now I'm in my forties and I live in Miami Beach with my wife and a dog and three cats and know one knows what ╩a freak I use to be back in the day . I have worked ╩at a couple of pirate radio stations on the beach and had a Paradise garage segment on ╩my shows ╩and The heads come out of the woodwork calling up ╩and ╩ talkin about the good old days... I am thankful ╩that I had the opprotunity to expierance ╩that kind of freedom with people of a like ╩mind.. I miss those days Peace

Date posted May 29, 2001

From: Carlos ; Email:

I was at the closing party and many before that one. I used to go there from Chicago so it felt like the artists were next to me singing live.

Date posted May 29, 2001

From: DJ Jose G; Email:

I Remember When.....during the late 70's, people would stick out their arms and start slapping their veins while yelling, 'Mainline!...Larry, Mainline!'. ╩Then he would play the Black Ivory classic. ╩That's just a tiny piece of the endless collection of memories I have of this landmark club, which I lived in since 1978.

╩ Every Sunday evening, on my way to Body-n-Soul, I pass by King Street and pay my respect to a place which had a permanent impact on the way I live and dance...

The music then will ALWAYS stand the test of time - that's not my opinion, that's a fact!!

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